Review Policy

Scifi4Ever reviews all products on a 10 point scale. All films, TV series, video games, books, comics and other related products reviewed by Scifi4Ever are either provided by the producer, or purchased by Scifi4Ever staff and external contributors. At no time Scifi4Ever receives any enticements, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for a certain review score, nor has a reviewed product been provided with a condition from the producer that Scifi4Ever must award a certain minimum score in return. All Scifi4Ever reviewers assess all reviewed products equally, with no preferential treatment of any kind, and assign a score to the product based on their own considered judgment, with no outside interference from authors or publishers.

Review Score Scale:

1/10  Failed product

If this is a video game, it is completely unplayable, if book or comic, it is absolutely unreadable, and if film or TV series, it is totally unwatchable. Avoid at all costs!

This is the lowest score a product can receive. Some critics give a particularly bad product a "no stars" rating. We find this very arrogant, because however bad the product is, it has been made with a great effort (presumably), good intentions (hopefully) and high hopes (certainly).
In any case – it has been made – full stop. Awarding a product the score of 0/10 (0%, no stars) would mean denying its very existence.

2/10  Flawed product

If this is a video game, it is almost playable but certain flaws prevent you from enjoying the experience fully, if book or comic, it is just about readable but the storyline makes no sense and/or the artwork is awful, and if film or TV series, it may be partly watchable, but the plot does not make sense and/or actors' performances are wooden.

3/10  Poor product

This product is complete but it has nothing new to contribute to its respective genre. It won’t bring you too much joy when played/read for a video game/book/comic and if it is a film or TV series it is either poorly scripted/directed/produced/edited, has naive plot, underperforming acting, flawed CGI, or it is a low quality rip-off of some other, more well-known franchise.

4/10  Promising product

While imperfect, this product has some interesting ideas or features which make it unique, but falls short from achieving its true potential.

5/10  Average product

A mediocre product - true average in its category. Some reviewers would try to fool you into believing that 6/10 or 7/10 is average, but that just does not make any sense to us - these people obviously missed out on maths at school! If this is a video game/book/comic, then people unfamiliar with the genre may still find something worthwhile here, but avid gamers/readers will find it to be too unexceptional. If this is a film or TV series, it provides basic level of entertainment while offering nothing new.

6/10  Above-Average product

You are safe in buying this product but it’s unlikely it will last beyond the first play/read for a video game/book/comic and you will unlikely watch it more than once if it is a film or TV series.

7/10  Good product

If this is a video game, book or comic, buy it - your money will be well spent. If this is a film or TV series, you will be reasonably well entertained and likely watch it more than once.

8/10  Very Good product

A solid piece of entertainment, that guarantees hours of fun and has a good re-playability/re-readability value for a video game/book/comic. A solid piece of cinematography with a meaningful plot and good acting for a film or TV series.

9/10  Exceptional product

Video games, books or comics awarded this coveted score are the best of the best in their respective category and you will truly miss out if you won’t play or read them. Apart from being highly entertaining, they are also original and well-made and you will likely find yourself returning to them more than once after you have finished with them. Films or TV series attaining this high mark must be at the cutting edge of cinematography, having original plot, excellent acting, state-of-the-art CGI and a very high entertainment value. Products earning score 9/10 are the benchmarks that other products in their category will be compared to.

10/10  Outstanding product

A true timeless classic of its category - your life will be poorer without it. Some critics never award this highest mark, and stop short of it at 9/10 or 99%, but we know better than that. True perfection is unattainable, but on a scale 1-10 nothing should be unachievable. Saying that, score 10/10 is reserved only for the true legends of their respective categories: innovative, genre-defining masterpieces for games, books and comics, and highly entertaining works of art with thought-provoking plot, flawless yet unobtrusive CGI, and Oscar-inducing performances of actors for films or TV series.