Logicoma from 'Ghost in the Shell Arise'

The model kit series celebrating the worldwide phenomenon Ghost in the Shell continue with an all-new model inspired by the Ghost in the Shell Arise anime television series – Logicoma, released recently by the Japanese model and toy maker Kotobukiya.

Similarly to the famous Tachikoma, Logicoma (Logistics Conveyer Machine) is an AI-equipped robotic weapons platform with a quadrupedal exoskeleton that is often used by the Public Security Section 9 as a bodyguard and a mobile weapons storage unit during the fieldwork investigations.

The model kit accurately captures the unique look of the ‘think tank’ with its spider-like shape, domed central unit, four extendable armoured legs, rear-mounted ‘abdomen’, and two forward-mounted manipulator arms, exactly as seen in the

Ghost in the Shell: Arise – Alternative Architecture anime television series. The highly detailed Logicoma is comprised of 150 parts pre-coloured in its brilliant-red-and-gray colour scheme, and with easy snap-fit assembly it’s a great model kit for model builders of all skill levels. The model features multiple points of articulation and various interchangeable parts, offering a variety of posing and displaying options, and comes with some additional accessories.

The meticulously re-imagined model comes complete with two mini-figures of the main protagonists of the Ghost in the Shell franchise: Major Motoko Kusanagi – Squad Leader of the Public Security Section 9 and Daisuke Aramaki – Chief Executive Director of the Public Security. Additionally, the kit includes a mini-figure of a clandestine self-propelled explosive device, that is cunningly disguised in a body of an adorable, innocuously-looking android girl.

This anime series-accurate 1/35 scale plastic model stands approximately 5 cm (2 inches) tall and sells for about $45 (£32/€40).

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