‘Necrocraft’ from Guardians of the Galaxy

An ancient humanoid race, the Sakaarans hail from the planet Sakaar in the Tayo Star System. Allied with the evil Ronan and Korath, the Sakaarans have been involved in the galaxy-wide manhunt for Star-Lord, and with the Necrocraft spaceships at their disposal, they can be formidable enemies.

Necrocraft features 2 wing positions: Place the wings straight out for Pursuit Mode and the Necrocraft is ready to hunt the Milano Starship in a lightning-fast chase through multiple star systems. And when it comes to a fight, tilt the wings up for Battle Mode, mount the missile launcher on either wing or on the top of the cockpit, and the Necrocraft is ready to give Rocket Raccoon and his Warbird a run for his life.

The kit includes the Necrocraft spaceship that features a reveal battle mode and a missile launcher with one missile. The set also includes assorted battle gear and comes with a 2 ½" scale Sakaaran Trooper pilot figure, as seen in the film, that can be placed into the cockpit. Some simple assembly is needed, but no tools are required.

All Pursuit Spacecraft vehicles are compatible with the assorted 2 ½" scale action figures in the Battle Gear 2 Pack line (sold separately).

This Hasbro toy model measures approximately 12 x 8 x 4 cm and sells for about $15 (£10/€12).

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