‘Nova Corps Starblaster’ from Guardians of the Galaxy

The Nova Corps are more than just space cops. They are a powerful force for justice, order and peace in the known universe, and like law enforcement forces everywhere, they get to pilot the fastest and most advanced vehicles. The Starblaster gets the Nova Corps Officer where he needs to be at hyperspeeds, with the wings retracted in cruise mode. When things get serious and the pilot needs to turn up the heat, the wings extend into battle mode.

The Starblaster comes with multiple locations for attaching the weapons and battle gear, including a giant cannon launching missiles and a neutrino deflector. When it comes to dispensing justice across the galaxy, you need to bring in some serious firepower.

The kit includes the Starblaster spacecraft that features a reveal battle mode, missile launcher with one missile, upgradeable battle gear and comes with a 2 ½" scale Nova Corps Officer pilot figure, as seen in the film, that can be placed into the cockpit. Some simple assembly is needed, but no tools are required.

All Pursuit Spacecraft vehicles are compatible with the assorted 2 ½" scale action figures in the Battle Gear 2 Pack line (sold separately).

This Hasbro toy model measures approximately 20 x 19 x 19 cm and sells for about $15 (£10/€12).

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