Star Wars Rebels 2-in-1 Super Pack (The Ghost + The Phantom)

Get ready to battle the evil Empire with the rebel flagship - The Ghost - as seen in the Star Wars Rebels animated television series. Stay on course with rebel minifigures in two cockpits and put Zeb on the lookout in the 360-degree rotating gun turret. Launch a surprise attack with The Phantom attack shuttle from the docking area at the rear. Attack the enemy with 2 spring-loaded missile launchers (plus 1 on the attack shuttle) and then reload the spare missiles from the missile storage. In an emergency, hurry to the escape pods and eject!

The kit includes 6 minifigures: Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Garazeb ‘Zeb’ Orrelios, C1-10P ‘Chopper’ astromech droid and a Stormtrooper, all armed with assorted weapons including lightsaber, blaster handgun, blaster rifle and a Zeb’s unique collapsible bo-rifle, transformable into a bo-staff for close combat. Ezra has also got a cadet helmet.

This Lego 2-in-1 super pack contains 2 models: The Ghost starship and The Phantom attack shuttle and sells for about $100 (£63/€80).

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