Tsugumori Guardian mecha suit from Knights of Sidonia

Japanese action figure and model company Kotobukiya announced the release of a model based on the anime version of the Tsugumori Guardian mecha from the science fiction series Knights of Sidonia.

Kotobukiya has already created a model of Type-17 Guardian mecha suit once before, however, that model was based on the mecha suit as depicted in the manga series.

This, entirely new model, depicts the custom Tsugumori version of the Type-17 Guardian mecha suit as piloted by the main character Nagate Tanikaze in the anime television series.

The model features the back-mounted booster, foot anchors and high vibration blades as well as the Guardian’s iconic weapons including the Higgs particle cannon and the obligatory Kabizashi spear. The model comes mounted on a base printed with the TOA Heavy Industries logo.

This 1/100 scale mecha model stands at 8 inches (20 cm) tall and will start retailing in October 2014 for 6,800 Japanese Yen (appr. £39/$63).

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