● Discounts can be negotiated for contracts longer than 3 months on all advert placements.

● In order to make your advertising experience as smooth as possible, we offer all advertisers free design of their online ads. Our graphic designer can make your ad coordinate with your brand and product. Simply supply us with a rough idea of your advert, photo of the product, company logo and any other graphics you want incorporated in the ad and our designer will do the rest. You can of course also provide your own design if you prefer.

● All adverts may include a Link to your desired website – please provide us with a full web address for each link.

● The top Slider space is shared by up to three advertisers, hence the price quoted for the slider is for 33% of the rotation time (slide 1 of 3). You can purchase additional rotations (slides 2-3) if required, subject to availability.

● While some websites place up to 5 adverts (slides) per slider, we believe that to be too many, with too many slides having a detrimental effect on an effectiveness of the advert. Therefore, we will never place more than 3 individual adverts on any slider.

● The top Banner space is not shared and will remain dedicated to one advert / advertiser only for the whole term of the contract.

● There will be only one Banner or Slider placed on any menu page at any one time.

SCIFI4EVER accepts Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror related advertisements only.

● We can, at our discretion, make an exception to this general rule. Any exception will be decided on a case-by-case basis. Example: while completely unrelated services or products (such as Dating Agency, Insurance, Slimming Product, etc…) won’t be accepted as a rule of thumb, we may, for instance, accept an advert for a Television Set or a Gaming Console, as the former can be used for watching genre-related films and the latter for playing genre-related games. Any such exception will be made on an individual basis and at our sole discretion.

SCIFI4EVER reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

Advertising Rates, Terms and Conditions can be subject to change without prior notice.

● No liability will be assumed for any downtimes, delays, errors or omissions.

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Advertising with us will give you access to a highly relevant, targeted audience. Please see our Advertising Rates, Terms & Conditions above, and feel free to contact us to discuss your advertising requirements in greater detail.