T-60 Power Armour from ’Fallout 4’ video game

Hong Kong manufacturer of action figures ThreeZero comes with a T-60 Power Armour Collectible Figure, with a figurine sporting the legendary
T-60 Power Armour as worn by protagonists of Bethesda Softworks’ science fiction video game Fallout 4. Fallout, a series of post-apocalyptic retro-futuristic role-playing video games set during the 22nd and 23rd centuries in the wastes of post-nuclear-war America, doesn’t need a special introduction as it has rapidly achieved a cult status amongst the gamers, so this collectible figure will come as a welcome addition to many a franchise fan’s collection, although the price, which is at the higher end of the range, will make it accessible only to those with deep pockets.

The 1/6th scale Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour Collectible Figure, that can be purchased from either of ThreeZero’s or Bethesda’s online stores, is available in two slightly different variants: standard Retail version and bespoke Atom Cats version.

The Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armour collectible figure features:

 ● Fully-posable figure with over 35 points of articulation

 ● Video game-accurate, with incredibly detailed mechanical parts

 ● Articulated fingers

 ● Exchangeable female head and helmet

 ● A light-up LED function within the helmet

 ● Fully detachable outer-armour parts

 ● Armour parts swappable with parts from other Power Armour figures

 ● Detailed endoskeleton, visible when the outer-armour is removed

 ● Highly detailed Assault Rifle with removable scope and two exchangeable magazines

 ● Meticulous paint application with a remarkable level of detail

 ● Weathering effect faithful to the worn-out appearance or the armour in the video game

In addition, the exclusive ‘Atom Cats’ version includes:

 ● Atom Cats paint scheme, as worn by the ‘Atom Cats’ faction in the video game

 ● Additional weapon: Fat Man mini-nuke launcher as featured within Fallout 3 & 4 video games

 ● Additional ammunition: One Mini-Nuke for the above Fat Man mini-nuke launcher

Requires 3 AG1 Button Batteries for helmet light-up LED function (batteries not included).

This articulated 36cm (14.5-inch) tall video game-accurate figure sells for around $380 (£303/€357) for the Retail version, with the exclusive Atom Cats version selling for about $398 (£317/€374) and is available from April 2017 from ThreeZero’s and Bethesda Softworks’ online stores, with the former one having included worldwide shipping in the price.

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