Rocket Raccoon from the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Guardians of the Galaxy may be the only thing standing between the enemies of the galaxy and the total destruction of the known universe, yet they are a motley crew comprised of an outlaw, a walking tree, an assassin and a maniac. But surely the most peculiar of them all is Rocket the Raccoon, a genetically engineered intelligent raccoon who is a bounty hunter and mercenary, as well as a master of weapons and battle tactics, a cheeky little furry fellow, wanted by countless law-enforcement agencies across the galaxy on over 50 charges of vehicular theft and escape from a lock up amongst other offences.

“Ain’t no thing like me except me.” says Rocket the Raccoon in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film and seeing this exquisitely detailed collectible figure from Hot Toys, featuring a delicately sculpted head and body, bespoke tailored suit and finely carved weapon, one cannot help but agree.

The movie-accurate Rocket Raccoon collectible figure features:

 ● Authentic and highly detailed likeness of Rocket the Raccoon as appearing in the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

 ● Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed fur texture

 ● Body with over 17 points of articulation

 ● Three pairs of interchangeable hands including:

    • One pair with relaxed, open palms

    • One pair with partially open palms (for holding a rifle)

    • One pair of hands closed into fists

 ● One orange-and-dark-grey space suit

 ● One super-sized rifle (just as Rocket likes it)

 ● Display stand with ‘Rocket’ nameplate and the movie’s logo

This movie-accurate 1/6 scale collectible figure stands 6.5 inches (16 cm) tall and sells for around $160 (£105/€140).

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