Judge Dredd standing on 'Sharky'

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles announced the release of the Judge Dredd 1:4 scale Diorama Sideshow exclusive. This meticulously crafted statue of the 2000 AD remorseless lawman of the future features a detail packed sculpture, original stand with Dredd’s victim and masterful background painting.

Judge Dredd comes with two interchangeable versions of his Lawgiver gun and stands on the broken body of 'Sharky' from the well known 'Chicken Run' issue of the Judge Dredd Megazine.

As a bonus, this limited Diorama Sideshow exclusive statue contains also the 'Call Me Kenneth' pieces from the regular version of the sculpture, so collectors can display the figure in either configuration. The 20.5 inches (51 cm) tall Diorama could well go down in history as the ultimate Judge Dredd collectible.

This 1:4 scale statue is limited to 150 copies and sells for around $500 (£315/€400).

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