MCM Comic Con – London, 28-30 October 2016

London MCM Comic Con is a multi-genre pop-culture convention held in ExCeL, Royal Victoria Dock, London, twice yearly, usually on the last weekend of May and October. The event is organised by the MCM (Movie Comic Media) Expo Group.

This year won’t be an exception and the autumn convention will take place on the last full weekend of October, i.e. from Friday 28th to Sunday 30th of October 2016.

The convention focuses primarily on fantasy and science fiction genres across all related media, such as comics, manga, anime, film, television as well as video games and cosplay, with the exhibitors mainly from the United Kingdom and Japan, but also from other countries from all around the world. London MCM Comic Con features a large floor space for corporate exhibitors, which include well-known movie studios and TV stations, as well as a separate section for private exhibitors and assorted dealer stalls. There is also a theatre area with a large stage equipped with projection monitors and seating for audience of approximately 1000.

The convention is frequently attended by many movie and television show stars as well as various memorable industry personalities and other assorted celebrities mostly from the United Kingdom, but also from numerous other countries from around the world.

The highlights of the October’s Expo will be: Special Guests (see the detailed list below), Photo with the Stars Area, eSports (featuring ESL UK Premiership, MCM Street Fighter V Cup, Retro Gaming Tournament and the South regional finals for a chance to participate in this year’s Red Bull 5G in Japan), Pop Asia (fusion of Japanese, Korean & other Asian cultures), Comic Village (Workshop for Comic Creators and Fans alike), Steampunk, Cosplay & Masquerade (including EuroCosplay Championship and The Clara Cow Cosplay Cup), Vidfest UK (an event for fans of online video and web series), Theatre (with previews of upcoming genre-related films and television shows), Retro Gaming, Stalls with Memorabilia and Dealer Stalls.

Hundreds of cosplayers attend MCM Comic Cons every year, and this October there are two opportunities for them to be selected to represent the UK at two different international cosplay contests:

The EuroCosplay Championships

The EuroCosplay Championships feature almost 30 countries from across Europe, with the UK representative selected at the MCM Comic Con Manchester in July 2016.

The Clara Cow Cosplay Cup

A team of two cosplayers will be selected for the final which takes place at Anime 2017 in the Netherlands from the 9th to 11th June 2017.

MCM eSports

Another regular event taking place at every MCM Comic Con is MCM eSports, this time hosting not only the regular ESL UK Premiership but also Retro Gaming Tournament and the newly founded MCM Street Fighter V Cup.

And as if that wasn’t enough, exclusively to this October’s expo, London MCM Comic Con is hosting the South regional finals for a chance to partake in this year’s Red Bull 5G in Japan this December. Inspired by traditional 5 vs 5 martial arts tournaments, Red Bull 5G tries to re-ignite an age old rivalry between East and West when the players choose the region they want to represent in one of five world-renowned games: Hearthstone, League of Legends, Project CARS, Rocket League and Street Fighter V. With the North regional finals having already taken place in Manchester on 9 October, the winners from each regional final will meet in a national showdown in November for their chance to be crowned the national champions and to win an all-expenses paid trip to Japan this December to represent our country at the Red Bull 5G.

Additionally, alongside the professional tournaments, MCM London Comic Con provides a Free Play Area on all three days of the show with laptops and peripherals provided by MSI Gaming.


This European event for fans of online video and web series that celebrates all things online, video and social, is also coming back to MCM Comic Con. Thanks to Internet, the ways we communicate and access entertainment have changed enormously in recent years, simplifying routes via which video programs reach their audiences and giving birth to a completely new kind of celebrities in the process – online stars that via their vlogs, uTube channels and Web Series reach hundreds of thousands to millions of their fans, without going anywhere near any of the major TV channels or film studios – and this all without even leaving their bedroom! The event features some of the best known uTubers and vloggers, and covers Web Series, Animations, Comedy Sketches, Music, Geek Videos, Live Streaming, Online Gaming and more.

Nightmare Machines

Among other interesting exhibitors who now attend MCM Comic Con on a regular basis are Nightmare Machines – the team of replica prop builders and cosplayers that tour the UK sci-fi conventions, bringing to audiences their spectacular display props from many well-known movies. Amongst themes they have previously displayed are scenes from the blockbusters Alien, Terminator, Ghostbusters, The Evil Dead and many others. Recently, they are staging a scene from the cult sci-fi comedy film Back to the Future – including Marty McFly, Dr. Emmett ‘Doc’ Brown, DeLorean time machine – the works.

The MCM Expo Party

On the Saturday evening of each London MCM Comic Con is held The MCM Expo Party with a chance to get together, dance, eat and drink. This October’s party is undergoing a big change with the aim to make it even bigger than before. Taking place in the ExCeL’s Gold Theatre, the MCM Mega Party has an ambition to be the biggest party for Comic Con fans in the UK.

Special Guests:

Warwick Davis - This English actor, diminutive in stature but big in his film roles, played the title characters in Willow and the Leprechaun film series, one of the Goblin Corps in Labyrinth (alongside David Bowie as the Goblin King), the Ewok Wicket in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi and most recently Professor Filius Flitwick and Griphook in the Harry Potter films.

Andrew Lee Potts - English actor, who is best known for his role as the quirky Connor Temple in ITV’s science fiction television series Primeval, a role he later reprised in the Canadian spinoff Primeval: New World. Andrew Lee Potts more recently starred as Gabriel Hood in Dracula TV series.

Enver Gjokaj - American film and television actor, best known for his roles as Victor in science fiction television series Dollhouse and as agent Daniel Sousa in Captain America spin-off TV series Agent Carter.

October’s Comic Con will be dominated by Internet celebrities, such as (clockwise from top left) Arryn Zech, Kara Eberle, Luke Cutforth and Emma Blackery.

Violett Beane - American actress, best known for portraying Jesse Wells in the superhero television series The Flash and Taylor in mystery drama TV series The Leftovers.

Nolan North - American film and television actor who appeared in more than twenty TV series and films of which the best known was Star Trek Into Darkness, where he appeared as the helmsman of the USS Vengeance. He is also a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to more than fifty animated TV shows and films and well over hundred (!) characters in assorted video games.

Naoyoshi Shiotani - Japanese anime artist, working as a storyboard artist on both Psycho-Pass anime television series and Psycho-Pass: The Movie, and previously as a conceptual designer on Blood-C anime TV Series.

Jamie Jo Burns - American YouTuber whose most known channel is Bananajamana. Jo’s videos consist mostly of vlogs, short sketches and various art projects.

Evan Edinger - American-born YouTuber living in London, known for his puns concerning British-American comparisons, as well as vlogging about his many travels. His channels hit 300,000 subscribers in May 2016.

Emma Blackery - British singer-songwriter and YouTube vlogger whose YouTube channel of music videos and comedy sketches has over 1.2 million unique subscribers with an excess of 119 million individual views.

Luke Cutforth - Another British vlogger and entertainer known by his alias LukeIsNotSexy. His YouTube channel to date attracted over 590,000 unique subscribers.

Arryn Zech - American voice actress best known for voicing the role of Blake Belladonna, one of the four main characters in the American original net animation RWBY. She also voices the character of Dr. Emily Grey in the longest-running online machinima series, Red vs. Blue.

Kara Eberle - American voice actress, best known for voicing Weiss Schnee, one of the four lead characters in the American original online animated series RWBY by Rooster Teeth Productions.