Star Wars - R2D2-themed motorcycle helmet

Jenn Hall, a 25-year-old pastry artist from Philadelphia, who got bored of the mundane, ordinary motorcycle helmets sold by most of the motorbike accessories outlets, took an inspiration from the Star Wars’ iconic astromech droid and created this lovely R2D2-themed bike helmet. Jenn, a.k.a. ‘Clever Girl’, took an old, worn out, nondescript helmet and, after a few hours of clear coating and spray painting, transformed it into this amazing work of art. Jenn says that her pastry-decorating skills came handy, as some of the cakes she works on at the bakery are actually comparable in size to a helmet. This R2D2-themed beauty is not Jenn’s only attempt at customised bike helmets though (she created also an Angry Birds-themed one), so we suspect it won’t be the last one too.

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