Loncon 3 - Masquerade

A highlight of every Worldcon, this year’s Masquerade featured over 30 original costumes and costume groups. The contestants stretched the imagination and creativity to their very limits and beyond, bringing the audience a plethora of characters from their favourite movies, TV shows, video games, books and comics. The panel of expert costumers judged quality and style of the individual creations as well as creativity and originality of the contestants and delivered the following results:

Young Fan Division: Best Time Traveler - Alberta Gear (Tali Semo); Most Beautiful and Coolest - Elsa (Nicole Keller); Special Judge’s Award - Elsa (Nicole Keller); Most Original and Creative - Lost and Found (Olivia and Eleah Flockhart)

Novice Division: Most Creepy - The Slender Man (Andrew Wishart); Best Recreation - 70s Doctor Who Monsters (Christine Halse and Joseph Halse); Honourable Mention for Fabric Manipulation - Fish Pond (Emma Roberts); Best Workmanship - Puff & Perry on the Other Side of Boring (Petra Kufner and Antje Brand); Best Presentation - Tribal (Rebecca Lale); Best In Class (Group) - Puff & Perry on the Other Side of Boring (Petra Kufner and Antje Brand); Best In Class (Solo) - Tribal (Rebecca Lale)

Journeyman Division: Judge’s Favourite - Life is a Dream (Loretta and Tim Morgan); Best Workmanship - A Glamorous Evening of Galactic Domination (Jennifer Skwarski); Best Presentation - A Message from the Ministry of Magic (Sabine Furlong); Best In Class - Coliseum (Peter Westhead)

Master Division: Most Beautiful - The Odyssey Dress (Miki Dennis); Workmanship and Attention to Detail - We Dance (Laura Hunt); Best Workmanship - Aratalindale (Maggie and Mike Percival); Best Presentation - Aratalindale; Best In Show - Aratalindale

Our personal favourite was Aratalindale - mere words simply cannot describe the beauty and elegance of this truly exceptional and show-stealing group performance, while still photos don’t do the stunningly detailed glow-in-the-dark costumes any justice.

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