‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ release date confirmed

After months of anticipation, rumours and fake announcements, the release date for the sequel to the 2012’s science fiction spoof film Iron Sky, about the descendants of Nazis who found a refuge on the far side of the Moon at the end of the World War II in 1945 and now, after living half a century in hiding, are about to try and retake Earth in their huge flying saucer-like spaceships, has been set to 14 February 2018.

In a storyline that would make a conspiracy theory mastermind David Icke proud, both Adolf Hitler and Margaret Thatcher (among others) are of the ancient, shape-shifting reptilian race.

The sequel, titled ‘Iron Sky: The Coming Race’ (clearly taking loose inspiration from 1871’s The Coming Race novel by British author Edward Bulwer-Lytton), is set twenty years after the failed Nazi invasion and the ensuing nuclear war that made Earth an inhospitable place. The last survivors of the conflict have rallied together on the former Nazi Moon base, which has, over the years, grown into a large human settlement. But the aging base is deteriorating, and, due to the damage the Moon suffered in the war, its time is running out.

Looking for a way out from their precarious situation, a small band of explorers returns to Earth and embarks on a journey into the centre of the Hollow Earth (Adolf Hitler was purportedly inclined to believe the Hollow Earth, or Hohlweltlehre as German writers called it, hypothesis), where they hope to find another group of survivors sheltered from the aftermath of the war in an underground city. What they discover deep underneath instead, is a pre-human world of dinosaurs ruled by the Vril, an ancient race of humanoid reptilians, led by Adolf Hitler in his true reptilian form surrounded by assorted other infamous former human rulers and despots (Caligula, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong and Vladimir Putin amongst others), all of whom, as it transpires, were actually reptilian Vril in human disguise all along.

In a mad-hat storyline twist that would make a conspiracy theorist David Icke proud, the strategically positioned shape-shifting reptilians had been in control of the key positions in the most important human governments for hundreds of years, with their dinosaur armies waiting underground for the right moment to resurface, heralding the total annihilation of the humankind and securing the reptilian dominance over the planet.

The upcoming Finnish-German sci-fi spoof sequel is, just as the first instalment, directed by Timo Vuorensola and is currently being crowd-funded through Indiegogo website. But ‘The Coming Race’ doesn’t mark the end of the Iron Sky saga though – far from it. Iron Sky Universe, the film’s fittingly named production company, is already busy working

on two additional films: ‘Iron Sky: The Ark’ and ‘Iron Sky The End Game’ and, if the projects raise sufficient funds, the franchise might be further expanded with a spin-off Iron Sky television series, which is also under consideration.