Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens - countdown

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, the seventh film in the Star Wars saga and the first film of the series to be made since the late acquisition of Lucasfilm studios by The Walt Disney Company, is scheduled for theatrical release on 18 December 2015.

The film is directed by J. J. Abrams using a script co-written with Lawrence Kasdan, co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The Force Awakens is set roughly 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

As we are getting closer to the release date of the Star Wars Episode VII, SCIFI4EVER will document all noteworthy milestones and bring you any interesting news to keep you informed and right up-to-date about all important events leading to the premiere of the most anticipated movie of the year.

0 Days (US)   0 Days (UK) - The Premiere


Finally! After months of bated anticipation, the seventh instalment of the epic science fiction saga Star Wars, J.J. Abrams's The Force Awakens was presented to eagerly awaiting audiences during a record-breaking opening weekend at box offices not only in the US and Canada, but also in the UK and 20 other countries across the world, and was met with raving reviews and universal acclaim from both film critics and die-hard fans of the franchise, being hailed as a ‘triumph’, a ‘masterpiece’, and an ‘instant classic’.

58 Days (US)   57 Days (UK)


The final trailer for Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens has debuted online and has been met with positive reactions from fans and critics alike, causing a frenzy on social media. The new trailer gives little away as to the plot of the upcoming film, but the central character appears to be Rey played by Daisy Ridley. The new villain of the saga, Kylo Ren, portrayed by Adam Driver, also features in the trailer holding the deformed mask of the trilogy’s original antagonist Darth Vader. Han Solo and Princess Leia also make brief appearances.

96 Days (US)   95 Days (UK)


Royal Mail unveiled a new set of Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens themed stamps. The 1st class stamps will feature three main characters from the upcoming Star Wars film: ex-First Order Stormtrooper and trainee Jedi knight Finn, scavenger from the desert planet Jakku Rey, and commander of the First Order skilled in the dark side of the Force Kylo Ren. The three stamps are part of a larger collection of 18 stamps that features 12 characters from the Star Wars universe and will be released by Royal Mail on 20 October 2015.

100 Days (US)   99 Days (UK)


The force is at the moment clearly stronger at this side of the ocean. In a move reflecting and recognising franchise’s long and venerable ties with the old Blighty, Disney moved the release date of the Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens one day forward. The latest instalment in the Star Wars saga will be released in the UK on 17 December 2015, a day earlier than previously announced, meaning that audiences in British cinemas will get to see the first instalment of the Star Wars’ new trilogy a day ahead of fans in the United States.

112 Days


The third official teaser of the Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens, that was recently posted on Star Wars’ Instagram account, may be mere 15 seconds long, but it got fans’ blood boiling nonetheless as it eventually reveals who will be facing Kylo Ren’s lightlongsword amongst the trees of a dark snowy forest – it will be nobody else but ex-Stormtrooper Finn, portrayed by John Boyega, wielding his very own blue lightsaber, who will have to confront Adam Driver’s hooded, shadowy character standing up for the Dark Side of the Force.

159 Days


Harrison Ford made a surprise appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con International convention, attending the Star Wars: The Force Awakens panel, where he reunited with the other two members of the original trilogy’s core trio – Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher. Some fans had queued for days to secure a seat at this Star Wars event. The film’s two young British stars, Daisy Ridley who plays Rey and John Boyega who plays Finn, also took to the stage, alongside the film’s director J. J. Abrams and script’s co-writer Lawrence Kasdan.

244 Days


The second official teaser trailer of the Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens has been shown to the excited fans at Star Wars Celebration, Anaheim. The event, with the new teaser trailer being its high point, was live-streamed in 23 countries, including China. The teaser, showing just about 20 short scenes from the upcoming Star Wars sequel, gave thrilled fans their first glimpse of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) alongside his faithful crewmate Chewbacca, as well as more action from Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega).

300 Days


J. J. Abrams was hosting the Oscar Wilde Awards at his Bad Robot Productions in Santa Monica, where actress Carrie Fisher (reprising her role of Princess Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens), was being honoured. When asked by BBC about a rumour, regarding one of the main characters being killed in the film, circulating on one Star Wars fan website (warning, major spoiler), Abrams said: “We did the best we can to preserve the story for the audience, but it doesn’t always work. There are a ton of rumours – some true, some false”.

311 Days


After presenting the BAFTA 2015 award for Foreign Language Film, John Boyega, who stars in Star Wars: The Force Awakens as Finn the Stormtrooper, talked to BBC about working on the film with his co-star Daisy Ridley, starring in the film as Rey. “Daisy is one of my closest friends and she is honestly an amazing actress and I think this is gonna be her breakout role” says Boyega, before adding: “We’re going back to the originals, we’re staying true to practical effects and we have the original cast back and it’s going to be a great time”.

370 Days


In a playful nod to 1970s, when the first film of the Star Wars space opera (later rebranded as Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope) was originally released, Director J.J. Abrams reveals the names of characters in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens on a set of old trading cards. Boyega's card shows his character to be called Finn, Isaac's is introduced as Poe Dameron and Ridley's is named Rey. The codename of the new fast astromech droid is BB-8. The name of a mysterious Sith, also seen in the teaser, is revealed as Kylo Ren.

381 Days


Ever since the release of the teaser, speculations were rife about who is the person behind the voice revealing to the excited audiences world over that: “There has been an awakening – have you felt it?” At first, all seemed pointing to Benedict Cumberbatch, but that was soon laughed off by the film star. Then, at the premiere of The Hobbit - Part 3, Andy Serkis confirmed that it was him who provided the narration: “I can confirm that, yes, absolutely. I’m sure Benedict doesn’t need any more attention at the moment, for goodness sake.”

384 Days


We get the first glimpse of the Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens in the first official teaser trailer of the movie. The teaser is 1.5 min long, with the actual film scenes covering just about 40 seconds of the movie. The seven short scenes show: A lone Stormtrooper in the deserts of Tatooine; Astromech Droid of a new design, Stormtroopers disembarking from a troop carrier spacecraft; New type of a Speeder Bike; Rebel Pilot in an X-wing Starfighter; Sith Lord wielding a new style of Lightsaber; TIE Fighters in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon.

399 Days


Disney-Lucasfilm Press announced a handful of Episode VII-themed novels aimed at the younger readers: Journey to Episode VII: Han Solo; Princess Leia; Luke Skywalker - 3 books published in September 2015 in hardcover and selling for $13 (£8/€10) each, one character novel: Star Wars Episode VII out in December 2015 in hardcover and selling for $13 (£8/€10) and the intriguing: Journey to Episode VII: The Fall of the Empire / The Rise of the Rebellion out in September 2015 in hardcover and selling for $18 (£12/€15). All titles are tentative.

406 Days


At last! The title of the Star Wars Episode VII has been revealed as ‘The Force Awakens’. The announcement has been made on the movie's last day of principal photography at Pinewood Studios, London. Now, with the film’s shooting complete, the Episode VII enters the post-production stage. Daniel Mindel, cinematographer working with J. J. Abrams revealed that the producers would rely more on the usage of real locations and scale models over CGI, in order to make the film aesthetically more similar to the original Star Wars trilogy.