Tabitha Lord's Horizon series continues with volume two - 'Infinity'

Infinity, the second instalment in the Horizon series, sees Dr. Caeli Crys, supported by the old acquaintance from the previous adventure – Commander Derek Markham, return to her war-torn home world to fight for those she has left behind.

In the first book of the series, Horizon, Caeli Crys was on the run from the genocide that befell her emphatic nation. After she witnessed a crash of a spacecraft a few miles from her hiding place, and, with her emphatic abilities sensed an injured pilot’s suffering, she couldn’t help but risk being discovered in order to save his life. The pilot, Commander Derek Markham, awakened on an uncharted planet finding that his spaceship is all but destroyed, his co-pilot dead and he owes his life to a beautiful young woman who appears to be healing him with the power of her thoughts alone. After Derek recovered from his injuries and persuaded Caeli to leave with him aboard his command ship Horizon that sent rescue, the two embarked on an adventure full of spies, political intrigue and interplanetary terrorists, defending an outlying planet from a deadly enemy, while employing Caeli’s unique skills that gave them the slight, but decisive, edge they needed to come out victorious.

Now, in the second book of the series, Infinity, Almagest, Caeli’s home world, stands on the brink of revolution. Once hidden, thus spared from the rest of galaxy’s machinations and politics, the previously free planet now suffers under an oppressive and violent regime of Marcus, the ruthless dictator who is building a huge arsenal of alien weaponry by selling Almagest’s emphatic children into slavery. Although a resistance is formed, its fighters, vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the regime’s military, struggle in hiding. Yet again, it is on Caeli, supported by her trustworthy friend Commander Derek Markham and his elite squadron of operatives, to embark on a daring mission to try and find the elusive resistance and with their help rescue her enslaved people and save the civilisation of her home world from total destruction.

Infinity (Horizon, Volume 2) by Tabitha Lord was published by Wise Ink and is available from 6 June 2017 in paperback (336 pages) and e-book versions with RRP $15.95.