Titan Books published ‘The Complete Aliens Omnibus’ Volume 3

Titan Books have published the third instalment in their planned 7-book ‘The Complete Aliens Omnibus’ series, with the Volume 3 collecting two original stories from the Aliens expanded universe: Rogue by Sandy Schofield and Labyrinth by S.D. Perry.

Rogue by Sandy Schofield

Sandy Schofield is not an actual person, but rather a pen name of an American, husband-wife writing team Dean Wesley Smith & Kristine Kathryn Rusch, who in the past collaborated on many stories from other expanded universes, particularly those of Star Trek (including Deep Space Nine, Voyager, The Next Generation and Enterprise) and X-Men. This time, in their novel Rogue, the pair delves deep into the dark Aliens universe, with the story set some time after the Alien invasion of Earth.

The plot of the book centres on Captain Joyce Palmer, who arrives at the asteroid Charon, former penal colony and now home to a top-secret research facility overseen by Profesor Ernst Kleist, who runs the place as his own personal, twisted playground. Deep within the extensive maze of underground tunnels, dug many years ago by hundreds of convicts whose time-bleached bones still adorn the countless niches of the catacombs, alongside human settlers, thrives also a huge Xenomorph hive, with its queen busy laying dozens of eggs that will soon hatch and spawn a small army of parasitic facehuggers eager to seek out their hapless, unwitting hosts.

Professor Kleist, whose speciality is to make inconvenient people disappear – ending up as breeding material for his Alien hatchery, is an egomaniac for whom his work means everything and who perceives the human colonists as mere pawns in his grandiose plan to produce a docile strain of Aliens, thus achieving fame and immortality.

When Captain Palmer finally sees through Kleist’s machinations, she, accompanied by a small platoon of combat-hardened Colonial Marines led by Sergeant Green and a few members of recently-formed resistance, tries to stop the insane professor. But are they already too late as he unleashes his most terrible creation yet – the Rogue?

Labyrinth by Stephani Danelle ‘S.D.’ Perry

S.D. Perry is an American novelist who primarily writes tie-in novels based on works in the science-fiction, fantasy and horror genres, who has to date written numerous Resident Evil novels (based on both original survival-horror video game series and its film adaptations, both tie-ins and original stories) as well as four Alien, two Aliens vs. Predator and eight Star Trek (The Original Series and Deep Space Nine) extended universe titles. When not working on official novelisations of various blockbusters, Perry also writes original horror stories.

The story of the Labyrinth takes place on the space station Innominata, where the notorious Colonel Dr Paul Church is having some success in exploiting the Aliens’ ability to communicate telepathically. Dr Church built on the station a complex maze of tunnels in which he is subjecting his Xenomorph subjects to various tests. Colonel Dr Anthony Crespi is sent by his superiors to Innominata, ostensibly to assist Dr Church in his research – replacing doctor’s late assistant Dr. Lennox who suffered a fatal heart attack, but his real mission is to investigate Church and his activities, among the growing concerns about the ethical aspect of doctor’s work. Crespi arrives at Innominata accompanied by a small contingent of Colonial Marines, including Lieutenant Sharon McGuinness, who too harbours an ulterior motive for visiting the station – she was Lennox’s fiancée and suspects that his death was the result of some foul play. With the men on Innominata disappearing one by one, Crespi and McGuinness in the end find their way to the very heart of the Church’s labyrinth, where they discover a hidden area with a secret laboratory, finally uncovering the horrific truth about the real nature of doctor’s experiments – he has been attempting to splice human and Xenomorph DNA, thus creating grotesque Alien-human hybrids. But with Church prepared to do anything to protect his gruesome secret, will they be ever able to find their way out from the chamber of horrors which they discovered within the labyrinth?

The Complete Aliens Omnibus – Volume 3 is available from 27 December 2016 in paperback (496 pages) and e-book format with RRP £8.99.