W. C. Dietz's new military sci-fi novel 'Into the Guns' published

Titan Books have published a brand-new post-apocalyptic novel ‘Into the Guns’ written by New York Times bestselling author William C. Dietz. The first instalment in a trilogy of books, Into the Guns marks the author’s return to the sci-fi sub-genre he is best known for – military science fiction.

William C. Dietz, who served in the U.S. Navy as a Corpsman – the experience from which he drew inspiration for many of his military science fiction novels, has thus far written more than 40 books, which include original works, as well as tie-in novels for many well-known sci-fi video game franchises, such as Halo, Mass Effect and Starcraft.

Into the Guns opens on May Day 2018, when sixty enormous meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere on multiple places around the globe and explode with a force greater than a nuclear blast. Powerful earthquakes and massive tsunamis that follow cause destruction on an unimaginable scale. And just as the inhabitants of the devastated regions think that things couldn't get any worse, China, who mistook the natural disaster for an act of war, attacks the United States.

With Washington D.C., that was one of the first casualties of the meteor onslaught, destroyed and the nation’s leadership all but non-existent, the surviving elements of the armed forces are the only remaining authority that can try and restore order as the whole structure of the American society falls apart. And while thousands of refugees across Americas band together and engage in open warfare with the military over scarce resources, a select group of individuals representing the surviving mega-corporations makes a bid to rebuild the country in a free-market image as ‘The New Confederacy’. America is slowly rising from the ashes of the global catastrophe, but in the wasteland that was once the USA, only the strongest can survive…

'Into the Guns' is available from 4 October 2016 in paperback (336 pages) and e-book format with RRP £7.99.