D. Drake's 'With the Lightnings' brought to UK by Titan Books

With the Lightnings is the first instalment in the epic, 11-book, Republic of Cinnabar Navy (RCN) series of stand-alone science fiction novels by David Drake. Coming from one of the most respected writers of military science fiction, but contrasting other Drake’s hardcore military sci-fi works, such as the Hammer’s Slammers series, RCN novels are more character driven and feature political intrigue as well as battles, with the plots of the novels loosely based on real historical conflicts, often borrowed from history of ancient Greece or ancient Rome.

The extensive space opera at the moment runs to 11 books, starting with the titular With the Lightnings (published first time in U.S. in 1998), with Death’s Bright Day (published in 2016) being the latest addition to the RCN universe. The highly acclaimed and U.S. best-selling science fiction series is now being re-published by Titan Books for the very first time in the United Kingdom, so that also British readers can now dive into the intriguing world of RCN novels.

The first novel in the series, With the Lightnings, ushers the reader into the complex world of RCN universe, where two great galactic powers – the totalitarian Alliance of Free Stars and the Republic of Cinnabar – battle for supremacy. It also introduces the two primary characters: Daniel Leary – a Lieutenant in the Republic of Cinnabar Navy, a charismatic leader, brilliant strategist, womaniser, but also the estranged son of Speaker Corder Leary, a revered, yet feared member of the planet of Cinnabar’s government, and Adele Mundy – a Cinnabaran aristocracy-raised librarian with a deep-rooted passion for knowledge, and unparalleled talents in the area of information retrieval by any means necessary, including circumventing information security and systems infiltration.

Paths of Daniel and Adele, soldier and scholar, the two equally strong characters coming from two completely different backgrounds, intersect on the planet Kostroma, a wealthy independent world, that struggles to retain its neutrality in the galaxy where the two superpowers – Alliance of Free Stars and the Republic of Cinnabar – wage the seemingly endless war for superiority. After a coup d'état takes place on Kostroma, with both factions becoming involved, the two Cinnabarians – a navy lieutenant and émigré librarian – are suddenly thrown right into the centre of the fast-unfolding events, and are forced to forge an uneasy alliance that later grows into lasting friendship, in order to try and stop the powerful invasion fleet which is on its way…

'With the Lightnings' is available from 11 October 2016 in paperback (475 pages) and e-book format with RRP £7.99.