A.C. Clarke’s short story gets sequel in 'The Medusa Chronicles'

Gollancz, the fantasy and science fiction imprint of the Orion Publishing Group, have acquired world rights to ‘The Medusa Chronicles’, a science fiction book written in a unique collaboration between two high profile sci-fi authors: Stephen Baxter and Alastair Reynolds.

The Medusa Chronicles is inspired by, and is the official sequel to, Arthur C. Clarke’s short story ‘A Meeting with Medusa’. The story, originally published in 1971, follows the exploits of Howard Falcon, captain of an experimental airship and crash survivor, who recovers from his injuries and leads a daring, first-of-a-kind, pioneering expedition aboard Kon-Tiki, a hot-hydrogen balloon-supported spacecraft that descends through the upper atmosphere of Jupiter to explore this extraordinary world of extremes. What Falcon finds there is beyond anything he could have ever imagined…

Picking up Clarke’s themes of space exploration and the nature of humanity, The Medusa Chronicles is a loose sequel to Arthur C. Clarke’s work and at the same time an original story that should appeal to fans of classic, old-school science fiction as well as both authors’ existing readerships.

Stephen Baxter said about the book: “A Meeting with Medusa was arguably Clarke’s last great work of short fiction, and, we discovered, inspired us both when we were younger. Today the science of the story still holds up, and its encapsulation of a great theme – humanity vs. the machine – in the dilemma of a single individual remains very effective, and full of story potential. For me, working with Al [Reynolds] on this project has been like working with Clarke himself, one more time.”

Alastair Reynolds added: “A Meeting with Medusa has always been a touchstone text for me, one of the very first SF stories that I ever read, and with a resonance that has haunted me across the ensuing forty years. I could not have hoped for a better partner in this collaboration than Steve [Baxter], and I hope our joint effort reflects our deep admiration and respect for the boundless imagination and essential good-natured optimism of Arthur C. Clarke.”

The Medusa Chronicles will be out in hardback and eBook format on the 18th February 2016.