Among the Stars

Among the Stars is a critically acclaimed board game series, which uses card drafting (similarly to the 2010 board game 7 Wonders). Originally published only in Europe by Artipia Games, and unavailable in retail outlets throughout the rest of the world, it is now brought to the North American, Australian and Asian gamers by Stronghold Games.

Among the Stars takes place in a war-ravaged galaxy where the warring alien races have agreed on a fragile peace in order to face a much bigger threat with the potential to destroy them all. An intergalactic Alliance is established with the aim to build space stations throughout the galaxy with the goal to not only defend against this impending threat, but also to strengthen diplomatic relations and promote trade among the alien races. Each player takes the role of one of these races as he/she is trying to surpass the opponents and build the greatest space station. Through card drafting, each player first selects location, and then uses this to build the space station, scoring victory points based on the placement. The construction lasts four years of in-game time and the player/alien race with the most points at the end wins.

Two more expansions for Among the Stars board game were published by Stronghold Games, starting with: Among the Stars: The Ambassadors followed by: Among the Stars: Expanding The Alliance.

Among the Stars board game contains:

◈  4 Main Reactor cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  12 Power Reactor cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  72 Basic Location cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  44 Special Location cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  8 Objective cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  12 Conflict cards (Square 7x7cm)

◈  8 Racial Abilities (punched board)

◈  4 Player markers (punched board)

◈  1 Score Board (16.8cm x 26cm)

◈  1 Turn marker (punched board)

◈  20 Energy Cubes (Transparent Plastic 12x12x12mm)

◈  30 1-credit tokens (punched board)

◈  10 5-credit tokens (punched board)

◈  Ziplock PE-Bags

◈  1 Rulebook

This board game is for 2-4 players (ages 10+) and sells for $50 (£37/€45).