Space Cadets: Resistance Is (Mostly) Futile

Space Cadets: Resistance Is (Mostly) Futile is the first expansion for the original board game Space Cadets.

This expansion includes a variety of additions to satisfy every Space Cadets fan.

Any budding Space Cadets will be pleased to learn that their interstellar spaceship has been upgraded with new capabilities. Star Command has listened to the concerns of the crew members and helpfully installed a Psycho-Acoustic Neural Interface Control (P.A.N.I.C.) button at each station that gives Station Officers new options if things aren’t going quite as expected – although beware – unexpected effects may occur.

Space Cadets: Resistance Is (Mostly) Futile expansion also includes several new missions, both quick for a faster game, and challenging ones that will test even the best crews to their limits.

In Space Cadets: Resistance Is (Mostly) Futile you will find yourselves facing new enemies, including mysterious Space Beasts, exploring new areas with new hazards, and going where no other Space Cadets have gone before.

Space Cadets: Resistance Is (Mostly) Futile board game contains these components:

◈  1 Rulebook

◈  1 Science Station

◈  4 new Map Tiles

◈  70 Cards

◈  Punchboard with Tokens for new Enemies and Obstacles

Note: Requires the original Space Cadets board game.

This board game is for 2-7 players (ages 8+) and sells for $30 (£20/€26).