Space Cadets: Dice Duel

Your attack plan is quickly coming together. Just continue to close the gap to the enemy, and launch the torpedoes when within the range. Your crew is well-trained and work intently at their stations, giving you just the edge you need to come out on top from this dogfight.

“Engineering Officer, power to the Helm. Move forward and close the distance to the enemy. Shields Officer, keep the shields in the front. We’re going straight in” – You can feel the bridge vibrate slightly as the engines come up to speed.

“Captain, all sensors are on the weapon lock”, says the Sensors Officer. “You can fire at will.”

A slight smirk crosses your face. “On my mark! Launch both torpe... Wait, where did they go?” You look at the empty display, puzzled, with a growing sense of unease.

Sensors Officer starts shouting. “Crystal Warp! Captain, they’ve done a crystal warp manoeuvre and they’re now directly behind us!”

From your right comes the panicked voice of the Shields Officer. “Umm, Captain… I hate to say this, but all our shields are deployed in the front!”

Not giving in to panic that is setting in, you revaluate the situation and start barking out orders: “Shields Officer, use the energy crystal we captured to raise the aft shield. Weapons Officer, start to move the torpedoes to the rear tubes! Helm Officer, get us out of here!”

The crew gets to work, swiftly and efficiently, but it is too late – you look on in horror as two torpedoes lance out from the enemy starship...

Space Cadets: Dice Duel is a team vs. team, real-time, dice-rolling game of starship combat, that pits two starships against each other in ruthless, quick-paced combat. The players are divided into two teams, each team representing the crew of their respective ship. The whole team must work together in order to achieve the objective, and will win, or lose, together too. The game ends when one side destroys their opponent by causing four points of damage by deploying torpedoes or mines.

Each ship has 6 Bridge Stations:

Engineering – generates power for all the other stations

Helm – manoeuvres the ship on the map

Weapons – loads the torpedo tubes with torpedoes to attack the enemy

Sensors – locks onto the enemy so that the torpedoes can be fired, and uses jammers to stop the enemy from locking onto your ship

Shields – helps protect the ship from enemy torpedoes

Tractor Beams – can grab the powerful energy crystals, move the enemy ship on the map, and launch mines against the enemy

Each player is in charge of one or more of these stations, or assumes the role of Captain to oversee and coordinate everything.

There are no game turns in Space Cadets: Dice Duel. The game continues with players acting as quickly as possible until one side wins.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel board game contains these components:

◈  1 Game Board

◈  1 Rulebook

◈  2 Starship Plastic Miniatures

◈  6 Purple Acrylic Crystals

◈  12 Asteroid / Nebula / Wormhole double-sided Tokens

◈  4 Mine Tokens

◈  12 White Energy Dice

◈  8 Green Sensor Dice

◈  12 Red Weapons Dice

◈  6 Blue Shield Dice

◈  6 Orange Tractor Beam Dice

◈  6 Yellow Helm Dice

◈  2 Engineering Station Displays

◈  2 Sensors Station Displays

◈  2 Weapons Station Displays

◈  2 Shields Station Displays

◈  2 Tractor Beams Station Displays

◈  2 Helm Station Displays

Note: This is a standalone game from Space Cadets franchise that does not require the Space Cadets board game.

This board game is for 4-8 players (ages 14+) and sells for $50 (£33/€43).